Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Marking the First Anniversary of the Notre Dame de Paris Fire

Chizuru Morii Kaplan, Parisian Rooftops III, 60 x 52 inches (Private Collection)

April 15, 2020 marks the first anniversary of the tragic fire that destroyed much of Notre Dame de Paris Today, in light of the Covid-19 lockdown, progress to restore this beloved cathedral in the City of Light has halted. The days of optimism for a swift recovery seem to belong to another era. Here is an update reported in December 2019 and a video of the Great Bell ringing to mark this occasion during an even greater tragedy throughout the world. 

Chizuru Morii Kaplan, Flying Buttresses, Paris, 29 x 41 inches (Private Collection)

Several weeks ago, I published a digital exhibition of Chizuru Morii Kaplan's extraordinary watercolor paintings of Notre Dame in Bonjour Paris (February 24, 2020). Please take a moment to study Ms. Morii Kaplan's work and read her moving statement.  Her memory joined recollections contributed by fellow BP staff writers, published last April.

May you be in good health and filled with hope as we all unite with the world to combat the spread of the Coronavirus.

Thank you for staying home.
Thank you for checking in with neighbors, friends and relatives. 
Thank you for supporting our medical staff, delivery people, supermarket staff, pharmacies, and food services preparing meals for everyone.  
And if you or a loved one is working on the frontlines--thank you so very much!. We salute your courage.

Take care,

Beth S. Gersh-Nesic, Ph.D.
Director and owner
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