Saturday, September 25, 2021

Last Call: Cézanne's Drawings at MoMA; Shadzia Sikander at the Morgan

Paul Cézanne, Vase of Flowers, 1885-88
The Syndics of the Fitzwilliam Museum, University of Cambridge

The end of the Summer Season exhibition is nigh, evidenced by the closing of two superb shows that demonstrate the transformative magic of drawing and painting on paper.

Cézanne Drawing closes today at the Museum of Modern Art to non-members and tomorrow to members of the museum.  It's a glorious exhibition that needs to be seen in person.  If you haven't been to the the show yet and can't visit today, please considered becoming a member of the Museum of Modern Art in order to see the show tomorrow. Our NY museums deeply appreciate your financial support, and these magnificent drawings deserve your undivided attention.

Shadzia Sikander, Mirrat I (1989-90)
Sean Kelly and Pilar Corrias, London


Shahzia Sikander’s exhibition Extraordinary Realities, at the Morgan Library & Museum closes on Sunday, September 26th.  It traces the artist's first 15 years as a professional artist, beginning with undergraduate work produced at the National College of Art in Lahore, Pakistan, her hometown. Sikander completed her graduate studies at the Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, in 1995, and spent 1995-1997 in  Houston, Texas.  She currently lives in New York.  Mirrat I was made while Sikander was an undergraduate student in Pakistan, where she studied traditional miniature painting.  Her work layers traditional imagery and her original figures and forms to provide feminist commentary on contemporary issues.

Shahzia Sikander's New York Times essay in the series "What Do We Believe?" was published on May 25, 2021.

For more information about the artists and exhibitions, please visit the website links provided here.  Exhibition images, videos, and podcasts are available on both websites.

Best wishes for the Fall,

Beth S. Gersh-Nešić, Ph.D.
New York Arts Exchange, LLC
Credit...Shahzia Sikander, Sean Kelly and Pilar Corrias


Friday, September 10, 2021

September 11, 2001 - We Remember . . . Memorials Around the World

Dedicated the the Victims of September 11, 2001 - 
on this 20th Anniversary, September 11, 2021 -

And those who lost their lives working/living on or around the toxic site following the attack on the World Trade Center Towers

We still grieve with their families and friends
and we extend to them our heartfelt condolences

Reflecting Absence
National September 11th Memorial and Museum, NYC, Ground Zero
Designed by Michael Arad Architect and Paul Walker Landscape Architect
and Associates

National September 11th Memorial and Museum, NYC, Ground Zero

FDNY Memorial for the Fallen on September 11th, South of the WTC Museum

FDNY Memorial for the Fallen on September 11th, South of the WTC Museum

The Tribute in Ligh

Conceived by artists John Bennett, Gustavo Bonevardi, Richard Nash Gould, Julian LaVerdiere, 
and Paul Myoda, and lighting consultant Paul Marantz.

September 11th Memorial for the Pentagon Attack, Arlington Cemetery, VA

For United Flight 93 - September 11 Memorial in Shanksville, PA

Tower of Voices, Shanksville, PA
Designed by Paul Murdoch

Tower of Voices, Shanksville, PA
Designed by Paul Murdoch Architects and BioLINIA, landscape
National Park Service

Tower of Voices, Shanksville, PA
Designed by Paul Murdoch Architects and BioLINIA, landscape
National Park Service

Wall of Names, Shanksville, PA

Wall of Names, Shanksville, PA

September 11th Memorial, Boston Logan Airport, MA
Designed by Moskow Linn Architects of Boston

September 11th Memorial, Boston Logan Airport, MA
Designed by Moskow Linn Architects of Boston

September 11th Memorial, Boston Logan Airport, MA
Designed by Moskow Linn Architects of Boston

Empty Sky, Liberty Park, Jersey City, NJ
Designed by Jessica Jamroz and Frederic Schwartz

Postcards, North Shore, Staten Island, NY
Designed by architect Masayuki Sono

The Rising, Kensico Dam Plaza, Valhalla, Westchester County, NY 
Designed by Frederick Schwartz

Teardrop, September 11th Memorial Bayonne, NJ
Gift of the Russian People

Remembrance Walk, September 11th Memorial, Monroe Community College
Monroe, NY, part of SUNY 

Cedar Grove High School, 2977 flags for each person lost in the World Trade Center
Twentieth Anniversary of 9/11 Attack

September 11th Memorial, Elko, NV
Designed by Joan Anderson and Jacques Errecart

Memoria e Luca, Padua, Italy
 Designed by Daniel Libeskind

Memoria e Luca, Padua, Italy
 Designed by Daniel Libeskind

September 11th Memorial, Modena, Italy

September 11th  Temporary Memorial in 2018, Paris, France

Twin Tower, Ramot, Jerusalem, Israel
9/11 Memorial Plaza
Designed by Eliezer Weiskoff

Memorial garden in Grosvenor Square opposite US Embassy honors all victims of 9/11 
with particular focus on the 67 UK citizens who lost their lives in the attacks.

And dedicated to our friend, artist Michael Rolando Richards, who perished in the attack 
(August 2, 1963 - September 11, 2001)

Beth and the New York Arts Exchange


Monday, September 6, 2021

Labor Day 2021 Greetings and Jewish New Year's Wishes

Wishing you a very Happy Labor Day Celebration


Joyous Rosh HaShanah

May we all feel blessed by peace, love and
 kindness in the days ahead

Happy New Moon in Virgo too!


With love and hugs,
Beth  and the New York Arts Exchange

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Happy Father's Day 2021

 Fathers in Art in Honor of Father's Day 2021  ("an oldie, but goldie" repost from 2014)

Edgar Degas, Place de la Concorde (Vicomte Ludovic Lepic and his daughters), 1875
oil on canvas, The Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg

oil on canvas, Museum of Modern Art, NY

Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux, Ugolino and his Sons, 1865-67
marble, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Hellenistic, Laocoön and His Sons, 27 BC-67 AD
marble, Vatican Museum, Vatican City

oil on canvas, Musée Marmottan Monet

Paul Cézanne, The Artist's Father Reading “LÉvénement, 1866
oil on canvas, National Gallery, Washington, DC

 Norman Rockwell, Father and Son: Homework, 1962
Four Seasons Calendar, oil on canvas, 
Collection of George Lucas, © Brown and Bigelow

Max Ferguson, Father on Fifth Avenue, 2011
oil on panel, Courtesy of Max Ferguson

Best wishes to fathers, grandfathers, god-fathers and uncles everywhere - (Click on the titles for more information about the works.)

Beth and the New York Arts Exchange

Beth S. Gersh-Nesic, Ph.D.
Director and owner
New York Arts Exchange

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Celebrating Juneteenth 2021

Dear friends,

Last year we celebrated Juneteenth in the midst of the #BlackLivesMatters demonstrations.
Today we celebrate Juneteenth as a new National Holiday!

Wishing you and your loved ones a very happy and healthy 

With love,

Beth and the New York Arts Exchange


Monday, June 14, 2021

Bold, Beautiful, and Poignant: Wan-Ting Chiu's Exhibition in Taiwan


Wan-Ting Chiu, Chengde Hall, Golden Car Literary Center, March 2021
materials: wool and glue

An artist's work comes into your life, out of the blue, and it feels like kismet - right in the gut.   Immediately, you love the art. Period. It just sends shockwaves of delight and desire right through your body.  No mediating and no hesitating.  You want to become a fan, a follower.  You want to know more.  

Thanks to my email correspondence with the tarot specialist Ronan Farrell of Traditional Tarot fame, who shares an interest in André Salmon's foray into the tarot readings as a journalist, I discovered Wan-Ting Chiu and her beautiful art, recently exhibited in Taiwan, where Ronan studies Buddhism. One day he sent me an email about a wonderful exhibition that he visited in Taipei City.  I asked to see photographs, and thankfully, Ronan facilitated meeting the artist through emails.  

Wan-Ting Chiu (in English style order: first name and last name) graciously sent me images and gave me permission to post her work and  Artist's Statement (translated into English) on my New York Arts Exchange blog.  Thank you so much, Wan-Ting, for the honor of introducing your work to American audiences.

Wan-ting Chiu's work strikes me as a magical experience: something ethereal and hopeful in the midst of our collective pandemic trauma.  I had no inkling her work comes from anxiety.

Wan-ting Chiu, He Guan, 2017, diameter: 150 cm, wool, acrylic paint, iron wire

The artist explains:

"Drawing on prior experience, suppression has become my preferred method of coping with life’s variables. This could either be a product of my upbringing or simply part of my original disposition. Nonetheless, it has resulted in the accumulation of anxiety.
As I transition from fashion design to mixed media art, I have finally begun tracing my personal relationship with fiber as a material. What was once external image-making through the way I dress has developed into an internalized practice that speaks to the way I camouflage myself within an inherent and pre-existing anxiety. Consequentially, my artworks frequently exhibit a dense yet fluidic state. Often times they are bright and colorful;
 other times they appear dull and pallid. An anxious state of mind has many faces, be it hostile or fearful, yet it may also manifest as something conformal or compliant. With that said, my current art practice not only allows me to achieve mental equilibrium, but also acts as a consoler of emotions.  
Perhaps, to some extent, my artworks are an exploration or innervation of my own sentiment. However, anxiety is a shared human nature, which can lead to a sense of exclusion as I objectively and habitually suppress my emotions. As I turn my attention to art, which may include still life objects, films, music or other medium, I wonder If could somehow become empathetic, and be relieved from anxiety. As human nature seems to be the one factor influencing many things, I hope my artworks can help the viewers establish an inner-dialogue with themselves, which in turn helps them to experience their lived-experiences and other multi-dimensional occurrences."


I am heartened by Ms. Chiu's quest for an empathic expression through art.  I certainly responded to her work, albeit in a virtual state as digital slides. Hopefully, her artwork will come to New York and the pleasure of viewing her soft textures on rigid shapes in person will yield an even greater appreciation for her artwork and skill. 

Wan-Ting Chiu graduated with a Bachelors degree from the Department of Fashion Design  of Management of Tainen University of Technology in 2013 and received her Masters degree from the Fine Arts of Tainan University of Technology in 2015.  In 2018, she received the NANYING AWARDS of the Judges' List Award.  She has exhibited numerous times. This latest exhibition at Chengde Hall took place earlier this year.

To view more of her work, please visit her website, Instagram and her Facebook page.  Links provided below

The Land of Situation
Chiu Wan Ting Solo Exhibition: In Situ / Anxiety
Exhibition Dates: March 2021
Venue: Chengde Hall, Golden Car Literary Center
Address: Taipei City, Datong District, Taipei City
Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, Closed Monday
Organizers: Golden Car Culture Foundation / Golden Car Literature Center

Wan-Ting Chiu's website
Wan-Ting Chiu's Facebook Page
Wan-Ting Chiu's Instagram

For more information about the artist, please contact her through her website or write to me at

Best wishes for the week,

Beth S. Gersh-Nesic, Ph.D.
Director and owner
New York Arts Exchange