Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October 2011 - The Exchange Newsletter

Dear friends,

Did you know that most Abstract Expressionists began as Surrealists?  Michael Rosenfeld Gallery juxtaposes early works and later works by William Baziotes, Willem de Kooning, Adolph Gottlieb, and others, to demonstrate this point in the current exhibition: Evolution in Action (through October 29).

Our art tour this week, on Wednesday, October 5, will meet at Michael Rosenfeld Gallery, 24 West 57th Street at 1 pm.  We will then visit Francis Naumann Fine Arts to see the eccentric work of Beatrice Wood, as well as many other galleries in the 57th Street area.  I look forward to seeing you then. 

To make a reservation, please write to me at nyarts.exchange@verizon.net.
(If you have signed up for the series, there is no need to confirm.)

Also, please look for the list of October closings below the "Fall Art Tours."   It's a great fall season.
(Check out my new blog Beth New York for more information.)

Fall Art Tours ($50 each - reservations necessary):
Wednesdays at 1 pm
  • October 5 - Midtown Galleries (meeting at Michael Rosenfeld Gallery, 24 W 57 St.)
  • October 12 - Upper Eastside Galleries (meeting at Gagosian, 980 Madison Ave.)
  • October 19 - NYU Institute for the Study of the Ancient World (Dura Europos)
  • October 26 - "Luminous Modernism," Scandinavia House, 58 Park Ave. and 38th St. 
  • November 2 - The Museum of Art and Design on Columbus Circle 
  • November 9 - "Fluxus" at the Grey Art Gallery 
  • November 16 - "Fiber Future" at Japan Society 
  • November 23 - No class
  • November 30 - "Real/Surreal" at the Whitney Museum
  • December 7 - "Maurizio Cattelan," The Guggenheim Museum

Closing in October:
Deborah Butterfield, Danese Gallery, West 24th St, through October 8.
Frans Hals, Metropolitan Museum, through October 10
Ad Reinhardt, Pace Gallery, 32 East 57th St, through October 15.
The Social Media, PaceMacGill Gallery, West 25th St, through October 15.
Lyonel Feininger, Whitney Museum, through October 16
Nicola Lopez, Guggenheim Museum, October 11 through October 25
Richard Serra, Gagosian Gallery, West 24th St., through October 22
Andy Warhol, Gagosian Gallery, West 21st St, through October 22
Jenny Saville and Bob Dylan, Gagosian Gallery, 980 Madison Ave, through October 22
Eve Sussman and Rufus Corporation: whiteonwhite: algorithmicnoir, Cristin Tierney Gallery, West 29th St. through October 22
Leondro Erlich: Two Different Tomorrows, Sean Kelly Gallery, through October 22
Agnes Martin, Pace Gallery, West 25th St, through October 29
Tabaimo: Dan Dan, James Cohan Gallery, West 26th St, through October 29
Great Opportunity:
Friday, October 28 at 7 pm to listen to Esther Bell talk about the 19th century drawings from the Louvre at The Morgan Library.  The talk is free with admission.  I hope to see you there.
Upcoming Events: A Salon
Sunday afternoon, November 4: "Women of Another Page," a poetry reading salon.
We will discuss our hopes and dreams as we consider the next chapter in our lives.
Invitations will be sent out separately.
Best wishes for the Fall and the New Year,