Sunday, August 9, 2020

Perfect Pleasure: Ruby Silvious' Exhibition at Albany Institute of History and Art, through August 30, 2020

Recycled and Refashioned: The Art of Ruby Silvious reminds us that art must be seen in person. Even if today's digital approximations satisfy our curiosity, the artwork itself cannot be known, unless, of course, the work was meant to be only a digital image. Ruby Silvious' magnificently painted teabags, books, eggshells, kimonos, and whimsical pistachio nutshells require careful study. The textures and colors offer the eye such pleasure, lingering over every detail.  The creativity and beauty in every millimeter make this substantial show even grander. There is so much to see and savor.   

Ruby Silvious' show opened on January 25th and closed in March during the Covid-19 shutdown.  Fortunately, New York State museums opened on July 25th.  The Albany Institute of History and Art is housed in a beautiful building with plenty of space for social distancing. Visits require a timed ticket. And don't forget your mask! It's required.  NB: the show ends definitively on Sunday, August 30th.

Days open are Wednesday through Saturday, 10 am - 5 pm.  Sunday, 12 noon - 5 pm..  Please make an effort to see Ruby Silvious' Albany Institute exhibition as soon as possible.The pilgrimage is worth it!


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