Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Last Call: Hera Gallery Celebrates its 40th Birthday in Westerley, RI through May 31, 2014

Hera Gallery is celebrating its 40th anniversary with an outstanding exhibition that features artists' works past and present - an excellent opportunity to stroll down memory lane with one of the few all-women cooperatives that began during the dawn of the Feminist Movement - and is still in existence. 

Today Hera Gallery accepts male artists too, but the majority of the members are still women - very talented women.

Alexandra Broches, former president and one of the original members, curated this magnificent array of artworks: paintings, prints, collages, photographs, sculptures, installation, and quilts - as well as memorabilia. 
The founding members in the exhibition are: Frances Powers, Roberta Richman, Marlene Malik, Connie Greene, Merle Barnett, Elena Jahn, and Bernadette Hackett.  Their work and/or statements are included in the anniversary exhibition as well as work from so many other longstanding members, such as Alexandra Broches, Claudia Flynn, Jeannette Jacobs, Jill McLaughlin, Barbara Pagh, Troy West, etc. (48 in all). 

If you are not able to attend the gallery in person, please purchase the 2010 catalog in order to support this wonderful and historic part of art history. 

Hera Gallery is located in Wakefield, Rhode Island, but this celebration is taking place in the beautiful Westerley Public Library - and will end on Saturday.

Place: Hoxie Gallery, Westerley Public Library, 44 Broad St., Westerley, RI
Dates: May 7 - 31, 2014
Days and Hours: Monday-Wednesday, 9-8; Thursday - Friday, 9 - 6; Saturday, 9-4. 

Westerley is only 2 hours from Westchester; about 3 hours from Manhattan - take the train from Penn Station.

Photograph by Judy Gelles, 1982

Happy Birthday, Hera,
Beth New York

aka Beth S. Gersh-Nesic, Ph.D.
New York Arts Exchange

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