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Robin Glass Video Installation Celebrates Art Week NYC 2013 at 287 Spring Gallery

Robin Glass

287 Spring Gallery and Performance Space celebrates Art Fair Week NYC with Robin Glass' video installation Rice and Beans (2012).   An Anglo-Brazilian, Glass blends music and images to create thought-provoking experiences few words can adequately express.

The exhibition is on view from March 8 through March 10.

287 Spring explains:

Rice and Beans is a collective portrait of humanity, with its recurring, compulsive, and absurd need to polarize. It is a poem of interventions – subversive and courageous acts of crossing boundaries to reach our invented opposites. This work is a gracefully provocative attempt to tread a vital path through the crevasses of our myopic binary beliefs.
Rice and beans, a staple in Brazil, an allegory here, are shown in their raw and grainy form, as opposites. Throughout the film, two reels play side-by-side on a divided screen as negative reflections of each other, in a sequence of four acts. Within each act, the binary of black and white switch places, united in their desire to overcome the eternal divide, yet unable to cross over.
The soundtrack (composed by Glass) blends the Berimbau (a traditional Brazilian instrument) with the more familiar sounds of pianos, keyboards and voices, and forcefully evokes the formal and semantic tensions between the images on the screen. A shower of beans and rice challenges the dissonant chords of a piano, while the speeches by Barack Obama and Osama bin Laden project the polar aspirations of their followers, and voices from the East and West become an inseparable – yet constantly conflicted – whole.
Rice and Beans is both classical in its formal construction, and boldly modern in its attempt to break the continuing divisions of culture, race, gender, politics, and sex.

Artist bio:
Robin Glass is an Anglo-Brazilian artist, musician and filmmaker. Glass comes from an eclectic background, in which his film career is a recent addition. Trained in theology and fine arts, he has worked as a business executive, NGO director, musician, diver, lecturer and artist, among other professions. Robin’s work has been presented internationally, receiving critical acclaim and a number of awards. 

The presentation of Rice and Beans at 287 Spring Art Gallery & Performance Space is Robin’s first solo show in New York."

I recently discovered Glass' video Regret online.   Unforgettable:

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