Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Last Call: Ruby Silvious "363 Days of Tea" through October 1; "OnSite" at Katonah Museum of Art through October 2; Affordable Art Fair this weekend

Ruby Silvious's paintings used tea bags
from 363 Days of Tea (2016)

Ruby Silvious woke up on January 3, 2015 and began a year-long ritual: she painted on used tea bag every day.  Silvious denies that there is any special meaning for such an exercise, but these breathtakingly poignant paintings seem to speak for the artist's subconscious intentions. Here we find the everyday qualities of life that connect us to our humanity: humor, sadness, longing, alienation, the beauty of nature, and the nature of beauty.  Has there ever been a moment in our history of humankind when these meditations have not been considered?  Even during periods of war, tragic accidents and privations, art has uplifted the spirit when all is lost.  Silvious' delicate paintings have lifted my spirits tremendously as I contemplate the future of the world (rather disturbing since the debate on Monday).

I was tempted to buy one work (the prices are excellent), but settled for her book instead, starting my own morning ritual of pouring over the pages with a cup of my favorite brew: coffee.

363 Days of Tea is open through Saturday, October 1st at Atlantic Gallery, 548 West 28th Street, 10 - 6 pm.
363 Days of Tea: A Visual Journal of Used Tea Bags is available on Ruby Silvious' website and through Amazon.  A great idea for holiday gifts!

Victoria Fu, Egg, 2016

Victoria Fu's Egg greets us as we approach Katonah Museum of Art, the "site" for ten installations scattered throughout the inside and outside of the building.  Hence the title of the exhibition is Onsite - a intriguing array of various 3-D creations. (Can we call them "sculpture"?  Some - but not all.)   

With map and brochure in hand, the visitor embarks on a treasure hunt to find each one.  It's great fun and worth the trip up north to investigate in person.  I have selected only four works that relate successfully to the museum's environment.

 MaDora Frey, #6250, 2016

MaDora Frey, #6250, 2016

MaDora Frey's #6250 sits aloft a hill of stones, just opposite the main entrance.  Each side of this one work is completely different.  So walking around this sculpture several times is highly recommended.

Caleb Nussear, Luncheon on the Grass,(a suite of 5 sculptures) 2016

Caleb Nussear's Luncheon on the Grass requires hiking up to it on the grass.  A thoroughly unfamiliar experience at KMA, where the lawn seems to be off limits.  Apparently, not this time.  I greatly appreciated the reflection of the mirrored surfaces, continuing and integrating the shapes with the green grass.

Rachel Mica Weiss, Provisional Structures (After Edward Larrabee Barnes), 2016

 Rachel Mica Weiss, Provisional Structures (After Edward Larrabee Barnes), 2016

Rachel Mica Weiss, Provisional Structures (After Edward Larrabee Barnes), 2016

Rachel Mica Weiss brings the outlines of the KMA to our attention, inspired by the architect Edward Larrabee Barnes' spare structure.  The three works seem quite at home in the garden, much more impressive in person than in photos.

OnSite closes on Sunday, October 2nd.  Katonah Museum of Art is located on Route 22 at Jay Street in Katonah, New York.

Also the Affordable Art Fair runs from September 28th - October 2nd, located on West 18th, on the eastern side of Chelsea.  This is my favorite fair.  Don't miss it!

Best wishes for the weekend,
Beth New York

aka Beth S. Gersh-Nesic, Ph.D.
New York Arts Exchange

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