Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Paris in Tears

Arlene Rubenstein posted on FB a photo of herself and her beautiful family in front of the Paris Opera House with the statement "There are no words."   Yes, there are no words to describe the violence and violation to hundreds of carefree people out for a pleasant evening in Paris, hurting no one, simply out on the town to be with friends and family in a sports stadium, a concert hall, a restaurant and a shopping mall.   

There are no words to describe our outrage, pain and resolve to fight this element determined to wreck havoc through out the entire world.  Today, we weep not only for Paris, but for all the victims of terrorism - from Kenya to Boston to Beirut. 

Paris Coat of Arms
Fluctuat nec Mergitur
(toss at sea, but sunken)
(wounded but not defeated)

Here is a comment that responded to the news article printed in the NYT following the attacks in Paris on Friday: 


 Santa Barbara November 13, 2015

"France embodies everything religious zealots everywhere hate: enjoyment of life here on earth in a myriad little ways: a fragrant cup of coffee and buttery croissant in the morning, beautiful women in short dresses smiling freely on the street, the smell of warm bread, a bottle of wine shared with friends, a dab of perfume, children paying in the Luxembourg Gardens, the right not to believe in any god, not to worry about calories, to flirt and smoke and enjoy sex outside of marriage, to take vacations, to read any book you want, to go to school for free, to play, to laugh, to argue, to make fun of prelates and politicians alike, to leave worrying about the afterlife to the dead.
No country does life on earth better than the French.
Paris, we love you. We cry for you. You are mourning tonight, and we with you. We know you will laugh again, and sing again, and make love, and heal, because loving life is your essence. The forces of darkness will ebb. They will lose. They always do."

Let us wish Paris godspeed as she resists intimidation and resolves to move forward, back to normalcy -  to a genuine joie de vivre.
Nous sommes Paris.
 Vive la France!

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