Thursday, March 5, 2015

March Madness: The Art Fairs 2015

Marjorie van Cura, Untitled 0115, 2015
at Madelyn Jordon Fine Art 
Scope, 639 West 46th St., March 6 - 8

The Art Fairs Are Here!  The Art Fairs Are Here!   So grab your cappuccino and head for the Westside of Manhattan, from midtown to Chelsea - and parts off the beaten trail.  You are going to need plenty of caffeine, comfy shoes and lots of Visine.  
Moreover, quit when you cannot "see" anymore.   It's okay to leave without looking at every single work of art.  Be discerning.  Glance often.  Sometimes graze (yes, as in mindful study).  Above all, use your time well.

Nam June Paik, Memory Trunk, 1997
Carl Solway Gallery, ADAA

First step: map out your itinerary.
Hyperallergic has a great Concise Guide of all the major venues.  
NB: Most of the shows are open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 
ADAA opened on Wednesday.
Armory opened on Thursday.

The only venues that are not on the Westside are: 
ADAA in the Park Avenue Armory at 643 Park Avenue and 67th St.
Salon Zurich, 33 Bleecker St., in NoHo, near Mott Street. 
Lower Eastside Day (12-noon on Saturday, March 7th)
Bushwick Night Beat (6-10 pm on Friday, March 6th

Cig Harvey, Sadie and the Birdcage, Tenant's Harbor, Maine, 2013
Robert Mann Gallery, Art on Paper

Please join me.  Reservations:
Beth New York

aka Beth S. Gersh-Nesic
New York Arts Exchange

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