Friday, March 21, 2014

Last Call: Rachel Mica Weiss "In Place" at Fridman Gallery through March 22

Installation View: An Unnecessary Gesture, Plane of Imminence

Installation View: Plane of Imminence, Untitled 

Installation View: Untitled, Gold Cloak (for Sisyphus)

Installation View: Portrait #1, Portrait #2, Portrait #3 

Installation View: Portrait #3, An Unnecessary Gesture 
Photographs Courtesy of Fridman Gallery

The is an unexpected power and grace in Rachel Mica Weiss' current exhibition at Fridman Gallery.  She aims to create conflicts and tensions between perception and expectations.   What appears strong is soft.  What appears flat is bumpy.  Strings, ropes, cords and yarn resist the laws of gravity.  Obsessively neat wrapping competes with loosely dangling forms.  "In place" of or set "in place" for . . . . contradict each other here and there.  Above all, the mighty centerpiece of the exhibition, Plane of Imminence (not Eminence, as its lofty presence seems to infer), takes control of the entire space, guarding the smaller pieces as they remain steadfastly in place (not budging an inch).

"In Place expands Weiss’s inquiry into the interplay between physical and psychological spaces, between inhabitation and inhibition. The centerpiece of the exhibition is a lurching architectural intervention composed of over 50,000 yards of gleaming tensile thread. As the viewer navigates the imposition of this bold blockade, it gives way to porosity; the threads shift, casting the viewer’s shadow onto the wall’s threaded bars of light and opening a new world beyond this threshold." 

Here, most happily, is the boldness and riskiness that seems missing in this year's Whitney Biennial.   Hopefully Ms. Weiss will be included next time.

Fridman Gallery, 287 Spring Street, between Varick and Hudson Streets.  Gallery hours: 12 noon to 6 pm.

Hurry - closing on Saturday, March 22.

Beth New York

aka Beth S. Gersh-Nesic

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