Saturday, December 15, 2012

Homeland Terrorism

Victoria (Vicki) Soto, first grade teacher,  Sandy Hook Elementary School, age 27.

Mary Sherlach, psychologist, Sandy Hook Elementary School, age 56

Dawn Hochsprung, principal, Sandy Hook Elementary School

Is there any person who has heard of the tragic shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, past feeling anger and sadness today?  I hope not.

How can we, citizens of the US, continue to let this violence occur in our country?   What could we have done to prevent these murders?  When will our governments (federal and local) recognize that these events are acts of domestic terrorism (for indeed this incident has terrorize a community, a nation and a world that has seen too many individuals use arms against private citizens)?
We need legislation.  We need a groundswell of activism.  We need each other to make this kind of danger disappear.

Please seek out and sign petitions against domestic violence, freedom to carry weapons, and homeland terrorism in our nation.  Please ask for laws that can restrict or outlaw ownership of guns at home.   (To the NRA: why not set up rental offices that control the use of firearms through ID, licences, breath-olizers, and so forth, for your hunting - not that I approve of this sport, but I understand your freedoms too).  

We must stop the madness.  We all must act to save lives.

Our gratitude goes out to all the teachers, school staff and first-responders who knew the drill.  They were courageous and selfless in their dedication.

May all who have suffered losses and trauma accept our heartfelt sympathy.

Your neighbors in New York and Connecticut 
The New York Arts Exchange

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