Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Patricia Cronin's Dante: The Way of All Flesh, through December 21

Patricia Cronin was so wise to send me her invitation yesterday, since her opening fell right after the one-two punches of Hurricane Sandy and Nor'Ester Athena.  (What was I doing on November 8th - oh, right: digging my car out of the snow to get to work with the little gas I had left in my tank.  May we never forget all the losses and hardship Hurricane Sandy has brought to our NY, NJ and CT community, especially those who continue to suffer today.)

Fortunately, Cronin's show continues at ford Project, 57 West 57th Street, through December 21.
And what a show she has created for the holiday season: Dante's Inferno with an emphasis on the 9th Circle, the place for traitors, deceivers and frauds.  (Sounds like a Wall Street Christmas Party.)

For more information about Cronin's life, work and technique, please read her interview with Phong Bui in this month's Brooklyn Rail.  Truly enlightening.

NB: Gallery hours are only Monday-Friday, 10-6 pm.  Or by appointment: 212-219-6557

Patricia Cronin's sculpture Memorial of a Marriage (2002) was showcased on my blog Beth New York in February 2012.

(The New York Arts Exchange and Beth New York blogs are combined from now on.)

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